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The following Services are available:

Private Attack Training Provision of Training Gear Security and Guard Dogs on contract VIP Pretection Services Specialised Dogs - i.e. tracking dogs, tracking dogs that detect copper cable, narcotics detection and explosives detection Mobile kennels erected on designated sites Mobile reaction unit with tracking and guard dog Training of dog handlers Reaction unit consisting of tracker and guard dog to be deployed at any designated designation as per client’s requirement Crowd control
The Doggz Copyright 2017 Designed by Ashworthweb


Protection Guard dogs are without a doubt the

most efficient and cost effective way to guard your

property or premises.

A well-trained security dog can replace at least 3

guards. Our dogs are trained to respond at

command, if and when it may be required.

We at The Doggz prefer to use German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and/or Belgian Shepherds ( Malinois) for our Protection Canine Training. These dogs are fearless, alert, courageous, obedient, and eager to learn. They are extremely brave and faithful and will not think twice about putting their lives on the line.
They are very loyal to their handlers, which makes them the perfect candidates for protection and security. We train the handlers to treat the animals in a firm, confident and consistent way. At The Doggz we have one focus - client satisfaction!